Magical Bestiary: Yeti

It is said that the infamous Yeti lurks in frozen wastelands, posing a grave danger to any who cross their territory. Legend says that they capture humans to eat their flesh; but Ririka might find out that those legends are wrong - the Yeti have no interest in eating humans; only in imprisoning them and ravishing their body as much they so please.
The Yeti can be quite ferocious in battle, and Ririka will find out that they can be especially unforgiving if interrupted while having their way with another victim.

Magical Bestiary: Veedo

A denizen of cold and isolated climate, the Veedo rarely has contact with humans. Despite their cute appearance, they can be fiercely territorial  and, as Ririka might find out, extremely virile and quite willing to ravish her body as much as they can get away with.
Veedos inhabit the cold regions of the tower, and attack by charging at Ririka with their horns, hoping to knock her down, leaving her exposed to their advances.
Ririka might need to either take them out from a distance, or be prepared to dodge their inevitable attack.

Welcome to the misadventures of Magical Ririka!

A novice magician joins a group of adventures in search of treasure and fame, but a teleport spell gone awry leaves them separated inside a cursed arcane tower. Ririka has to save her companions and flee the tower, all the while combating a variety of perverted monsters and avoiding depraved traps.

Magical Ririka is a hentai action platformer game, with anime-style graphics and atmosphere, fast paced combat with both melee and ranged attacks, a high variety of monsters from all across fantasy and anime tropes, intense boss fights and animated, in-game h-scenes.

The game is currently in development, which you'll be able to follow through this blog.

Game Over

As Ririka takes damage, her Health will deplete and her clothes will be destroyed - leaving her exposed and vulnerable to the tower denizens. Some enemies might be especially good at destroying clothes, so tread carefully!
Without clothes, monsters will try to assault her by grabbing and holding her into place. Ririka has a last chance to escape their perverted clutches if the player successfully inputs a random sequence of commands that are briefly displayed at that time. If she fails to escape, the attacking monster will proceed to do as it wishes with her.
But that's not necessarily the end of the line for Ririka! Being violated by monsters causes high damage, but if her Health isn't fully depleted yet she can still go and get her revenge... with the exception of Hardcore Mode, where there's no Health Bar and her clothes are all the protection that she'll get.
Not every enemy in the tower might be actively trying to assault Ririka themselves, but even those that aren't can still be problematic as they might leave her vulnerable for others. Bosses, in special, are particularly dangerous...

Some awesome fanart!

Ririka got some great fan art from an anonymous contributor! Thanks a lot! <3

Ririka's Arsenal

Ririka uses her magical staff to cast powerful arcane blasts that can also be charged for larger, although slower, shots. While charging, she holds the ball of pure energy in front of her, damaging enemies that get too close.
Spellcasting consumes mana, however, which regenerates over time. If she finds herself without mana and or too close to an enemy, she can resort to melee attacks with staff and feet, knocking back her would-be assailants.

A Fashionable Magician

Ririka's adventuring clothes of choice - in various stages of clothing damage.